Lumneo MINI

Lumneo MINI is the small model of the line.
Dimension: 70cmx41cmx8,5cm, weight: 10,6 kilos.
It can be hanged on the wall or put on a furniture. There are several colors of neon, wood species and dimmer buttons.


The installation

Lumneo MINI can be positioned upright or horizontally on a wall or directly put on a piece of furniture.


Lumneo offers a range of colors of neon and wood species. Please have a look at the pictures in the gallery to see the various options.


Tube colors Neons

Wood species

Lumneo is made of solid wood and favors species with high density. Lumneo exists in mahogany, oak, chestnut tree. The choice of other wood species or materials is also possible.

The dimmer

Lumneo MINI has a dimmer that allows you to adjust the light intensity and change the atmosphere.


Artistic composition

Lumneo MINI can harmonize in the horizontal or upright to realize a unique and artistic creation.