LUMNEO Presentation

Lumneo is a new concept of Mirror Lamp design, incorporating a neon whose reflection creates an effect of depth and perspective by reflecting to infinity, like a “trompe l’oeil”. Lumneo integrates a condensed technicality for an intense artistic rendering. Each Mirror Lamp is an original piece and you will appreciate its unique nature.
Sometimes light, sometimes mirror or both, let the mystery operate.

MINI and MAXI line

The range now comes in a MINI model and a MAXI model.
Lumneo MINI and MAXI come in different colors, to exhibit as a single piece or by combining several pieces for an artistic and personalized creation.
The luminous intensity of Lumneo MINI and MAXI can be adjusted according to your desires.
The Lumneo MINI and MAXI is a range of design and quality products, handmade in France and Italy. Each Mirror Lamp is designed with great care both for the selection of the materials used and for the assembly to obtain the best result.
We attach importance to the smallest detail: the richness of colors, matching visual and colored power cables, chrome or gold light intensity knob, choices of wood species, choices of the best materials for glass and mirror for a timeless expression or customization of materials according to your desires.

Lumneo MINI

Lumneo MAXI